What is libreǝvent?

libreǝvent is a free and fully open source self-hosted event management solution that you can use to sell tickets for your next event. It features both an iOS and Android App for entry control you can download and use entirely for free. If you like this project, please consider giving it a star on GitHub and donating to help fund development of this project!


Visual seat plan editor

Use libreǝvent's powerful seat plan editor to create a seat plan that closely resembles your event location within minutes


Simple to set up

This project is simple to set up on your own web-server. Follow our tutorial on how to install it!


Low system requirements

This project does not require high-end hardware to run. You may start out with a cheap webhosting account and scale if there's need.

System requirements

Free & Open Source

You may use this project entirely for free or donate some money to keep it alive! You may also help contributing to the project to make it even better!

Donate Contributing

Many different payment methods

libreevent currently officially offers two payment gateways. More can be added at any point using a payment gateway plugin.

Payment gateways


libreevent uses the latest security standards for authentication and data handling, with all passwords always being stored as password hashes.

Security best practices


You may expand the project's capabilities by using plugins or by developing your own plugin.

Existing plugins Build your own plugin